Since 1998, WestWind Energy has relied on its experience to plan, develop and operate windfarms on land. We are not affiliated with any turbine manufacturers. We have a tried and true understanding of local governments and community development. Whether it’s at your doorstep or overseas, every project we take on is a new challenge. We work with our customers for a common future in which green power is as natural as the wind and the sun.

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At the beginning WestWind Energy facilitates the lease or purchase of a suitable location, ensuring planning reliability for the customer.
From appraisals to approval procedures, nature conservation and the securing of good will of locals, we use our expertise to bring everyone together.

1. Site selection

With the area identified and following land lease or acquisition we ensure planning security for the customer.

2. Planning and permission

From appraisal to approval procedures, nature conservation and securing the good will of locals, we use our expertise to bring everyone together.

3. Installation

And finally, all the strings are pulled together. From construction supervision to commissioning and final acceptance, WestWind takes over the complete realization of the project.

4. Operating

WestWind Energy takes on the management for operators, and ensures smooth operations through professional technical and commercial management.