About Us

WestWind Energy Pty Ltd is an Australian company dedicated to the development, construction, operation and management of wind farms and other renewable energy projects in Australia.

The establishment of WestWind Energy took shape in 2003 from the idea of expanding the activities of the WestWind Group of companies internationally.  At the invitation of the Victorian and Federal Governments the potential for establishing a new business in Australia was investigated and WestWind Energy Pty Ltd was established in Victoria, Australia in 2004.

WestWind Energy is part of the WestWind Group of companies. The WestWind Group headquarters is based in Kirchdorf in North-Western Germany. The WestWind Group was launched with the establishment of the Wind Park Lemke project in the community of Marklohe in Germany in 1999.  What started as a private project quickly led to a thriving business. The idea of cooperating with investors to combine profitability and environmental protection has proven to be successful and by the end of 2005 more than 100 wind turbines had been commissioned in Germany by the WestWind Group. Today well over 300MW of wind energy projects have been delivered by WestWind in Germany and most of them are operated under the company’s management.