Lal Lal CRG

What is a Community Reference Group?

WestWind Energy recognises that wind farms are not only projects to generate electricity from using renewable energy sources, but they are also social projects, and community engagement is fundamental to delivering positive and effective outcomes for wind projects.  Project feasibility often depends on the communities’ level of acceptance, so solid community engagement practices are vital in establishing a wind farm that is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders.

WestWind Energy appreciates that community engagement goes well beyond the requirements necessary under the planning permit, and has adopted engagement strategies that enable the input of community to identify local values and inform the decisions and activities of the project.

As part of our community engagement strategy, a Community Reference Group (CRG) has been established for the Lal Lal Wind Farm and consists of a cross-section of community members. The role of the CRG is to enhance communication between WestWind Energy and the community; enhance WestWind’s understanding of community issues; encourage community partnerships; and, ensure the local community benefits as a result of the wind farm project.

Community Benefit Fund


The Lal Lal Wind Farm aims to support initiatives that strengthen the local community.  One of the ways this will be done is via a Community Benefit Fund, which has been established to provide grants for projects that benefit communities located within 5 km of the wind farm. This includes the Lal Lal, Yendon, Elaine, Mt Egerton, Cargerie, Clarendon, Bungaree, Dunnstown and Millbrook areas. Projects must demonstrate community partnerships/collaboration and overall benefit to the community.

This may include funding for local sporting groups, charities, community groups, education, culture, arts and other not-for-profit organisations or other community needs.

This year the Lal Lal Wind Farm will provide $20,000 as it moves towards the start of construction, and additional amounts will be made available upon commencement of construction.

To apply for a grant, please read the funding guidelines and complete the application form, which can be found at the back of the funding guidelines. Alternatively, an application form can be obtained by calling Paige Ricci on 5421 9999 or email

Applications open on July 17, 2017 and close on August 22, 2017. Please return the completed form and any supporting documentation to Lal Lal Wind Farm Community Fund by 5pm on August 22, 2017.

Applications will be accepted via email or post to Lal Lal Wind Farm Community Fund c/o Office 5, Level 1, 12-14 Prince St, Gisborne, Vic, 3437.

The application review and selection process will be completed in early September and groups will be notified as to the outcome of their applications by September 30, 2017. Applications will be assessed by the Lal Lal Wind Farm Community Reference Group, a group of eight volunteers from around the wind farm site.