Lal Lal Wind Farm

Lal Lal Wind Farm


Project Summary

LOCATION:Central Highlands VIC
HUB HEIGHT:Up to 161m
ENERGY PRODUCTION:> 660,000 MWh Annually

About The Project

The site of the Lal Lal Wind Farm is located on two sections of farmland in the Moorabool Shire: The Yendon Section (2km east of Yendon and 17km southeast of Ballarat) and the Elaine Section (2km north of Elaine and 17km south southeast of Ballarat).

WestWind Energy identified the Lal Lal Wind Farm in 2006 as a potential wind farm site using WestWind Energy’s site selection criteria. In April 2009 the Victorian Planning Minister granted WestWind Energy  a permit to construct and operate the Lal Lal Wind Farm. The permit was for the installation of 64 wind turbines with a total rated power of between 130 MW and 192 MW.

In 2015 WestWind Energy submitted an application to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to amend the wind farm permit to facilitate the use of new, more efficient wind turbine technology.

Key changes in the amendment include:

• A reduction in the number of wind turbines from 64 to 60;
• An increase in wind turbine height from 130m to 161m;
• Application of a newer and more accurate noise standard;
• Replace the rotor diameter and hub height restrictions to allow a maximum tip height of 161m with a limit of 20m above ground for the lowest point of the sweep of the rotor; and
• Require voluntary landscape screening to be made available to dwellings within 4km of wind turbines.

The permit amendment application was approved by the Victorian Planning Minister in March 2017, following a planning panel hearing in November 2016.

WestWind Energy has now sold the Lal Lal Wind Farm to Macquarie Capital. For more news on the sale, please see our media release by clicking  here.

Project benefits

Harnessing power from the wind is a clean and safe way to generate electricity as it does not produce toxic pollution or global warming emissions. Wind is also abundant, inexhaustible, and affordable, which makes it a viable and large-scale alternative to fossil fuels.

The development of the Lal Lal Wind Farm’s renewable energy resources will create new direct and indirect employment opportunities in the precinct, including permanent operations and maintenance jobs, and supporting jobs during the construction and installation phase. Jobs related to wind power are a potential source of new employment opportunities. Renewable energy is a key piece of the “green economy,” and wind power, which supplies thousands of jobs across the world, is one of the fastest growing sectors in renewable energy.

The document below outlines the economic, community and environmental benefits of the Lal Lal Wind Farm and in general, renewable energy.

Community Benefit Fund


The Lal Lal Wind Farm aims to support initiatives that strengthen the local community.  One of the ways this will be done is via a Community Benefit Fund, which has been established to provide grants for projects that benefit communities located within 5 km of the wind farm. This includes the Lal Lal, Yendon, Elaine, Mt Egerton, Cargerie, Clarendon, Bungaree, Dunnstown and Millbrook areas. Projects must demonstrate community partnerships/collaboration and overall benefit to the community.

This may include funding for local sporting groups, charities, community groups, education, culture, arts and other not-for-profit organisations or other community needs.

This year the Lal Lal Wind Farm will provide $20,000 as it moves towards the start of construction, and additional amounts will be made available upon commencement of construction.



Below are photographic mockups of the 161mt high wind turbines (Amended 2015)

Grievance Process

Addressing community complaints in a timely manner is essential for maintaining good community relations.

WWE’s complaints management system has been designed and established in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 10002:2014 – Guidelines for Complaint Management in Organisations.

To view the process WWE will undertake in regards to complaints received  click  here.

Planning & Compliance

WestWind Energy is committed to transparency.

Here we list key project documentation related to planning and compliance

Downloadable Forms

A copy of the Planning Permit issued by the Minister for Planning for the Lal Lal Wind Farm.

Downloadable forms:

The following documents provide evidence for the satisfaction of our our permit conditions.

Downloadable forms:

To view WestWind Energy’s current permit amendment application please click here and it will take you to another page on our website which outlines the application and the planning panel process.

This information has been superseded. Refer to final August 2016 variation information.

In September 2015, WestWind Energy engaged consulting firm Jacobs to consolidate all of the planning permit amendment documents and provide additional planning analysis (the Jacobs report). This report and its attachments were subject to public notice in November/December 2015.

In October 2015 WestWind Energy sought to also correct a mistake to the permit by ensuring that the address of the land referred to “Crown Land vested in Yendon Egerton Road”

Public notification for the amendment commenced on 30 November 2015.  Please find all documentation for our earlier (October 2015) Planning Permit Amendment Application below:

Downloadable forms:

This information has been superseded. Refer to final August 2016 variation information.

In June 2015 WestWind Energy sought to make a number of pre-notice amendments to the amendment application.  These amendments sought to:

  • Maintain tower height and rotor diameter conditions (as requested by DELWP) and change them to
    • 105m tower height, and
    • 122m rotor diameter.
  • Make minor changes to other permit conditions to provide for the Minister’s discretion
  • Enable any dwellings to be exempt for shadow flicker and noise limits if an agreement if in place
  • Update noise conditions to be generally in accordance with the ‘model conditions’ of the guidelines, and
  • Re-number conditions.

This application letter can be found below.

Downloadable forms:

This information has been superseded. Refer to final August 2016 variation information.

In March 2015 DELWP requested additional information on WWE’ amendment application.

The further information request can be found below.

Downloadable forms:

This information, including all listed downloadable documents, has been superseded. Refer to final August 2016 variation information.

In February 2015 the amendment application was submitted to the department.  The application sought:

  • Increasing turbine height from 130m to 161m
  • Removing tower height and rotor diameter restrictions
  • Remove the requirements for transformers to be located within the tower
  • Apply NZ6808:2010 for wind farm noise
  • Reduce maximum number of turbines from 64 to 60.

This application letter, report and attachments can be found below.

Downloadable forms: