Lal Lal Planning Panel

This page contains documents which are to be made available during the planning panel process. Information included on this page has been placed here at the request of the independent planning panel.

The page may also be updated with additional information by WestWind or as requested by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) if it is relevant to the independent planning panel process.

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Permit Amendment

In 2015 WestWind Energy Pty Ltd made an application to DELWP to change the existing wind farm permit to facilitate the use of new and more efficient wind turbine technology. The application involves increasing the height of permitted turbines, applying a newer and more accurate noise standard, removing four permitted wind turbines and other minor changes to the existing planning permit.

In late 2015 the proposed changes to the wind farm were put on public notice. DELWP then referred the amendment to the approved Lal Lal Wind Farm to an independent planning panel.  

At a planning panel Directions Hearing on July 29, 2016, WestWind Energy outlined its intention to lodge a variation to the original amendment application it had previously submitted in February 2015.

Below is the variation which was lodged with DELWP on August 15, 2016.

The variation proposes additional minor changes to the amendment application including to:

  • delete turbine YSWT-37 from the periphery of the Yendon Section and reinstate YSWT-31 within the centre of the Yendon Section;
  • re-position wind turbine ESWT02 within the Elaine Section, 150m to the south of its approved location;
  • replace the rotor diameter and hub height  restrictions with a limit on the lowest point of the sweep of the rotor;
  • clarify that the Minister for Planning is the responsible authority for various matters to be done to the satisfaction of the responsible authority;
  • clarify that wind turbines should not be located within 50m of a non-host dwelling’s title boundary;
  • correct spelling mistakes in the planning permit;
  • require off-site landscaping to be made available to the owners of dwellings within 4km of wind turbines; and
  • remove reference to ‘shadow flicker detection devices’ from the proposed amend planning permit.

The independent planning panel will now undertake a review of the application documentation, and consider all submissions made concerning the amendment and ultimately make a recommendation to the Victorian Planning Minister.

Response to Submissions

This response to objections report provides a summary of the key topics raised in the objections.  The report also addresses a selection of specific objections that WestWind was directed to respond to in detail by DELWP. The report considers the objections in the context of: planning policy and precedent; the previous Lal Lal Wind Farm planning panel report; the Moorabool Planning Scheme and the Policy and Planning Guidelines for Wind Energy Facilities.

It is not practicable to respond to all of the submissions individually and the report does not summarise or respond to the matters raised in the many supporting submissions received by the Minister.

In addition, the report does not consider any objections which may have been lodged with the Minister after March 11, 2016.

Project Information

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