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Frequently Asked Questions

This page briefly answers some common queries regarding wind farm. For further information, the clean energy council here, they amongst others have more detail on their websites.

Westwind Energy Pty Ltd have produced a short film entitled Wind Energy: Separating the fact from fiction to help you understand the wind energy debate. We have provided the text of the narration along with video clip extracts for you to read and view.


Wind energy is a proven technology and is cost effective. The wind is free and maintenance and operational costs are relatively low. However, it does cost more to establish a new wind farm compared to operating an existing generator. Wind power currently costs between 7½ and 8½ cents per kilowatt hour. This is higher than the general wholesale price, which in 2006-2007, wholesaled for 5½ cents. However, in the longer term wind energy is likely to emerge as the more economical choice, especially if the hidden cost of the pollution from coal fired power stations is taken into consideration. Many of our current fossil fuel fired power stations also use substantial amounts of water. Water is in short supply in Australia and is likely to become more expensive. In short, wind energy costs are likely to fall while fossil fuel costs are likely to increase as the true cost of their pollution disposal is internalised into the price.

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