Does the wind farm produce radiation?

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For wind farms, an Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is emitted from grid connection lines, underground collector network cabling, electrical transformers and turbine generators. The grid connection lines are usually made at no more than 132kV and is similar to the voltage used by utilities in existing distribution. These generate low levels of EMF that are comparable to those emitted from household appliances. The collector network cabling between the turbines is typically buried in the ground and effectively generate no EMF.  The transformer located at the base of the turbine and is itself locked inside a metal compartment only accessible to electricity company employees.  The turbine generators are around 60–100 m above ground level and so there is little or negligible EMF at ground level.  Therefore, only low level electromagnetic fields are produced by the generation and export of electricity from a wind farm and these do not pose a threat to public health.