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WestWind Energy appreciates that community engagement goes well beyond the requirements necessary under the planning permit and is committed to business practices that are good for people, communities, and the planet.

Our approach to community engagement is guided by

Empathy and respect for community concerns

Developing shared outcomes for the mutual benefit of the host community, landholders and wind farm developer/operator

Mutual respect via genuine dialogue to identify mutually agreeable solutions

Developing strong local relationships

Ensuring staff are visible in the community

Local purchasing policy

A commitment to transparent, simple and straightforward communication

Inclusive of diversity

Project updates

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Grievance and Complaints

Effective and timely response to community complaints is essential for maintaining good community relations.

WWE’s complaints management system has been designed and established in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 10002:2014 – Guidelines for Complaint Management in Organisations.

All community / stakeholder grievances received will follow the procedure outlined in the attached document. Complaints and incidents will be handled according to the following grievance procedures to ensure continuous improvement of the system:

  • Readily accessible information on how complaints can be made free of cost to complainants.
  • Immediate acknowledgement of complaints and regular and comprehensive feedback to complainants on actions proposed, their implementation and success or otherwise.
  • Ideally, closure of complaints by agreement with complainants; alternatively, where agreement can’t be reached, demonstration of compliance and appropriate engagement with complainants.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a complaint register for the recording of receipt and acknowledgement of complaints, actions taken, success or otherwise of actions and complaint closure and for the register to be available to the public during normal working hours.
  • Reporting of the contents of the complaint register to the responsible authority as required, and
  • Regular, at least annual auditing of the implementation of the complaints management plan with audit results being reported to the responsible authority.

In addition to the above, a procedure is required for the establishment and maintenance of an incident register for the recording of:

  • Environmental incidents
  • Non-conformances, and
  • Corrective Actions

The incident register must be available for inspection by the public during normal working hours and its contents should be reported to the responsible authority as required.

To view WWE’s grievance procedure click here.

If you would like to make a complaint, please click here.

If your complaint or concern relates to Golden Plains Wind Farm activities, please use the dedicated Complaints portal located here.

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