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Hosting Turbines

Hear from local farmers, Andrew Whitlock and Ewen Peel, about their experience as host landholders for Golden Plains Wind Farm. 

Andrew Whitlock

“Anything we can do to try and look after our environment is what we do as farmers anyway. So having a project that’s delivering some renewable energy to X number of homes, it feels great to be part of that…We need to keep finding these sort of solutions for society.”

Ewen Peel

“Apart from receiving money for the project – each tower pays a dividend – they’ve put in a lot of infrastructure…  gates and tracks through our property which we’ve never had before, so we have far greater access.”

If you are interested in hosting wind turbines on your property, WestWind Energy can discuss the process for developing a wind farm and how we can help you.

We follow a very thorough and detailed process when developing a wind farm, to ensure project viability and to generate the best possible result for the community, including landholders.

Our process for determining feasibility of a site for a wind farm includes:

  • Landholder Relationship
  • Establishment
  • Wind Resource
  • Investigation and Monitoring Planning
  • Environmental and Technical Studies
  • Community Consultation.

For a wind farm project to become a success it is crucial that the landowners and WestWind Energy work together collaboratively and harmoniously. The landowners will be asked to support the planning application where appropriate, which requires open communication as well as providing access to the land when required.

Above is an outline of the different stages of the development process from site selection through to construction and operation, over a typical timeframe. This is a general example and timeframes may alter depending on the size and complexity of the wind farm and the policy environment.

To better understand what it’s like to live near a wind farm, please view this interesting video created by Arup for Hydro Tas about wind farm noise. Go to video.

If you would like to explore the potential of having a wind farm on your land, please contact us at WestWind Energy on (03) 5421 9999.