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The WestWind Energy Group built its first wind farm in the community of Marklohe (northern Germany) in 1999 (Lemke Wind Park). Since then, the WestWind Energy Group has expanded both within Germany and internationally.

The WestWind Energy Group has developed and constructed over 56 wind farm projects incorporating over 178 wind turbines with an installed capacity of approximately 360 MW in Germany. The WestWind Group has furthermore constructed 5 substations and carries out the technical and administrative management of over 40 wind farms, grid operating companies and substations.

The WestWind Energy Group is also active in a number of international markets, namely Turkey, Poland, Canada, and Australia. In Australia, WestWind Energy has developed:

Mt Mercer Wind Farm – 131MW; sold to Meridian Energy in 2009

Moorabool Wind Farm – 350 MW; sold to Goldwind Australia in 2016

Lal Wind Farm – 216 MW; sold to Macquarie Capital in 2017

The Golden Plains Wind Farm (800 – 1000 MW) is currently in development.

Please refer to our Projects page for further project information.


The WestWind Model is a method and structure of wind farm development and operation utilising the successful experience of The WestWind Energy Group’s wind energy projects in Germany.

To read more on The WestWind Model, as well as our expertise and services, please see our full Capability Statement.