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Project Summary


LOCATION: Central Highlands, Vic
TURBINES: 60 Vestas V136-3.8 MW turbines
HUB HEIGHT: up to 93 m
ENERGY PRODUCTION: > 660,000 MWh annually
APPROVED: April 2009


Lal Lal Wind Farm was sold to Maquarie Capital in 2017.
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About The Project

The site of the Lal Lal Wind Farm is located on two sections of farmland in the Moorabool Shire: The Yendon Section (2 km east of Yendon and 17 km southeast of Ballarat) and the Elaine Section (2 km north of Elaine and 17 km south southeast of Ballarat).

WestWind Energy identified the Lal Lal Wind Farm in 2006 as a potential wind farm site using WestWind Energy’s site selection criteria. In April 2009 the Victorian Planning Minister granted WestWind Energy a permit to construct and operate the Lal Lal Wind Farm. The permit was for the installation of up to 64 wind turbines with a total rated power of between 130 MW and 192 MW.

In 2015 WestWind Energy submitted an application to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to amend the wind farm permit to facilitate the use of new, more efficient wind turbine technology.

The permit amendment application was approved by the Victorian Planning Minister in March 2017, following a planning panel hearing in November 2016.

The project was sold to Maquarie Capital in 2017.