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Project Summary


LOCATION: Central Highlands, Vic
TURBINES: Approved for 107 turbines
104 turbines built
ENERGY PRODUCTION: >1,050,000 MWh annually
APPROVED: October 2010


Moorabool Wind Farm was sold to Goldwind Australia in 2016.
For current project information and contacts, please see:

Project Overview

The Moorabool Wind Farm project is located approximately 5 km south of Ballan, approximately 67 km from Melbourne, 27 km from Ballarat and 47 km from Geelong. The project comprises up to 104 wind turbines over two sections, the Bungeeltap Section towards the north of the project site which consists of 50 wind turbines and the Ballark Section to the south which consists of 54 wind turbines.

The Moorabool Wind Farm project began in April 2007 when WestWind Energy was invited by landowners within the project area to consider the potential for a wind energy facility on their land. Following this, WestWind Energy undertook site investigations and it was determined that the site was ideal for a wind energy facility. In October 2010, the Victorian Minister for Planning issued a permit, granting approval for the Moorabool Wind Farm.

In 2016, the Moorabool Wind Farm Project was sold as a greenfield site.

The above would not have been possible without WestWind Energy’s expertise in securing and developing the site, and the collaboration between Westwind Energy and the landowners.