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Project Summary


LOCATION: Central Highlands, Vic
TURBINES: 64 Senvion MM92
HUB HEIGHT: up to 80 m
ROTOR DIAMETER: up to 92 m
ENERGY PRODUCTION: 390,000 MWh annually
OWNER: Foresight Group


Mt Mercer Wind Farm was sold to Meridian Energy in 2009. The wind farm was then sold to ForeSight Group (formally known as Infrastructure Capital Group). For current project information and contacts, please see:

Project Overview

The Mt Mercer Wind Farm was WestWind Energy’s first wind farm development in Australia. The wind farm is located approximately 30 km south of Ballarat which is in one of the windiest regions of Victoria and also close to existing electricity grid infrastructure.

The wind farm comprises 64 wind turbines with a rated capacity of 2.05 MW and produces over 390,000 MWh of clean electricity per year. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 73,000 average Victorian households and is more than twice the number of households of the City of Ballarat.

WestWind Energy identified the Mt Mercer Wind Farm in April 2005 using WestWind Energy’s site selection criteria and by April 2007 it received a planning permit from the Victorian Planning Minister.

In 2009, the Mt Mercer Wind Farm Project was sold to Meridian Energy as a greenfield site. Meridian Energy began construction in December 2010, with generation commencing in November 2013. By October 2014, the Mt Mercer wind farm became fully operational.

The above would not have been possible without WestWind Energy’s expertise in identifying, securing and developing the site in close co-operation with the farmers that continue to farm their land under the wind turbines.