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Project Summary


LOCATION: Buloke Shire & Yarriambiack Shire, Vic
TURBINES: up to 97
TOTAL TIP HEIGHT: up to 280 m
WIND TURBINE ROTOR up to 200 m diameter
ENERGY PRODUCTION: approx. 2,600 GWh annually
HOMES POWERED: approx. 500,000 homes
GREEN HOUSE SAVINGS: >2.1 M tonnes of carbon dioxide annually
SITE AREA: 10,550 ha
STATUS: Preparing planning and environmental applications.

Project Updates

About The Project

The Wilkur Energy Park is located on approximately 10,550 hectares of agricultural cropping farm land 11 km southwest of the township of Birchip. The development will consist of up to 97 turbines with an installed capacity of approximately 776 MW. This will provide power for around 500,000 average Victorian homes annually and reduce yearly carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2.1 M tonnes.

Community Benefits

Once operational, a community fund will be established to share the financial benefits of the project with a minimum of $194,000 a year for a range of benefit schemes including community-based initiatives, projects and events that benefit local communities around the wind farm.

The fund will target a range of community needs including health and social welfare, safety, environment, education and youth, sport and recreation, culture, arts and economic development.

The fund will be overseen by a Community Reference Group (CRG) – a group of volunteers that live around the wind farm site. The role of the CRG is to enhance communication between WestWind Energy and the community, enhance WestWind’s understanding of community issues, encourage community partnerships and ensure the local community benefits as a result of the wind farm project. All funding programs will be developed in close consultation with the local community.


Host Landholder Benefits

The wind farm will provide an annual income for all host landholders. This economic boost to farmers enables them to secure supplementary income annually, for decades, through lease arrangements with the wind farm. This income provides a stable addition to farming income and helps to counteract swings of commodity prices. This sustains the farming practice and diversifies farming revenue for years to come. 

The roads constructed for turbine access give landholders all weather access across their property which improves stock management practices and bushfire access.

If you would like to contact WestWind in relation to this project, please contact us at or (03) 5421 9999.