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About the Project

Wimmera Renewable Energy Solutions (WiRES) is a coordinated transmission solution that will run from Warracknabeal to Bulgana in Victoria.

 It will unlock green energy supplies from the Wimmera equivalent to  20% of Victoria’s total electricity demand.

 WiRES will include one of Australia’s largest battery energy storage solutions.    

Project Summary


LOCATION: Warracknabeal – Bulgana
Wimmera, Victoria
MONOPOLE HEIGHT: 35-45 metres
ENERGY SUPPLIED: Up to 20% Victoria’s needs
LENGTH: Around 110 km
STATUS: Early stages of development
Example of monopole transmission lines, near Bulgana

Community Benefits

We will work with communities along the WiRES route and the broader region to identify the best ways they can share benefits from the project.

These benefits may take the form of a dedicated annual grants program, overseen by a Community Advisory Group. Other opportunities include community investment programs, community energy solutions, as well as local training and scholarships.

WiRES will unlock 3,000 direct and 3,000 indirect jobs during peak construction of the transmission and connected wind projects, with substantial benefits for the Wimmera.

Host Landholder Benefits

WiRES will provide significant compensation for the host landholders. This economic boost will provide a stable addition to existing income streams for the property and help protect farms against impacts of drought and swings in commodity prices.

We will work with landholders on agreements that include the best solutions to reduce impact to property and protect existing businesses.

Neighbour Benefits

We have developed an industry-leading neighbour benefit scheme that offsets electricity costs to the equivalent of the average Victorian household’s usage for 25 years to houses within 1km of the WiRES project.

More Information

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